IT Security Services

SysDevel offers IT security solutions that address key challenges faced by enterprices today, strengthening their cybersecurity via state-of-the-art technologies and platforms employed together to effectively address all the cyber security risks; from detection to triage, response and remediation. SysDevel’s information security services include but are not limited to network penetration testing, web application assessments, vulnerability analysis, social engineering, architecture review and source code review.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing provides enterprises with a more comprehensive security evaluation, giving a more detailed view of the threats facing its systems and applications. Therefore, businesses are able to better protect their systems and data from malicious attacks.

SysDevel’s executives correspond effectively to the permanently increasing requirements in the area of Information?Security, collaborate with the customers and customize solutions to the unique needs of each one.


  • Improvement of security and efficiency of IT infrastructures. SysDevel’s security professionals will provide you with expertise in high-value managed security services and analysis of security events
  • Professional consulting combined with extensive experience in delivering customized solutions for industry leaders
  • 24/7 infrastracture / systems security monitoring
  • Reliable protection and cost reduction due to shared resources rather than compromised quality of services and security